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Longpark Wind Farm Extension - Environmental Statement

In April 2014 Wind Prospect Developments submitted a planning application on behalf of EDF Energy Renewables (EDF ER) for an extension to Longpark wind farm to the Energy Consents and Deployment Unit of the Scottish Government.

The results of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposal have been collated within the Environmental Statement (ES), which were submitted as part of the planning application. The ES can be viewed on this website via the links below or inspected in person at the following locations, during their normal opening hours:

  • Stow Town Hall, Earlston Road, Stow, Galashiels, TD1 2QS
  • Melrose Library, 18 Market Square, Melrose, TD6 9PN
  • Scottish Borders Council, Council Headquarters, Newtown St. Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0SA

A copy will also be available in the Scottish Government Library at Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ.

The Environmental Statement comprises:

  • Volume 1 – Non Technical Summary
  • Volume 2 – The Environmental Statement Text
  • Volume 3 – Figures
  • Volume 4 – Appendices

However, for ease of viewing, the links below are arranged according to topic/chapter, for example: Chapter 7 – Water Environment and Soils is followed by the relevant Water and Soils Figures 7.1-7.6 and Appendices 7.1-7.2.

Subsequently in April 2015 Wind Prospect Developments, submitted an addendum on behalf of EDF ER to the Environmental Statement (ES), which updates its findings after a site redesign. A newsletter was sent to the local community W/C 17th May 2015 as an update on the proposal. Please see a copy of the newsletter below.

In August 2015 Further Environmental Information (FEI#1) was submitted and in February 2016 a second set of Further Environmental Information (FEI#2) was submitted.

Both FEI’s can be viewed, alongside the ES and Addendum, at the locations listed above or on this website via the links below. The addendum comprises the same volumes as the ES and has been arranged below in the same style. The FEI’s only relate to specific EIA topics and do not have the same structure, as the ES and the Addendum.

Please note that all of the documents are listed in a chronological order; starting with the ES, followed by the Addendum with the prefixed “Addendum”, the August 2015 Further Environmental Information (prefixed "FEI#1") and finally the February 2016 Further Environmental Information (prefixed "FEI#2"). Other documents such as the 2015 Newsletter and the Addendum Planning Statement are also available below.

Any queries, please get in touch using the details to the left.

For information relating to the use of the documents and figures displayed on this website, please see the document ‘Disclaimer - Longpark Extension ES website’ below.

PDF documentNon Technical Summary [12.6MB]

PDF documentES Text - Contents [377KB]

PDF documentES Figures - Contents [796KB]

PDF documentES Appendices - Contents [347KB]

PDF documentChapter 1 - Introduction [210KB]

PDF documentFigure 1.1 [1MB]

PDF documentAppendices 1.1-1.2 [2MB]

PDF documentChapter 2 - Project Description [477KB]

PDF documentFigures 2.1-2.15 [8.5MB]

PDF documentAppendices 2.1-2.2 [2.28MB]

PDF documentChapter 3 - Need for Development [407KB]

PDF documentChapter 4 - Planning the Development [1MB]

PDF documentAppendices 4.1-4.2 [10.7MB]

PDF documentChapter 5 - Ecology [858KB]

PDF documentFigures 5.1-5.4 [4.7MB]

PDF documentAppendices 5.1-5.3 [1.1MB]

PDF documentChapter 6 - Ornithology [785KB]

PDF documentFigures 6.1-6.4 [5.2MB]

PDF documentAppendix 6.1 [482KB]

PDF documentChapter 7 - Water and Soils [1.4MB]

PDF documentFigures 7.1-7.6 [5.9MB]

PDF documentAppendices 7.1-7.2 [904KB]

PDF documentChapter 8 - Landscape and Visual [1MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.1.1-8.1.3 [12.8MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.1.5-8.1.7 [15.8MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.1.8-8.1.11 [18.3MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.1.12-8.1.13 [14.4MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.2.1-8.2.6 [12.6MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.2.7-8.2.13 [12.9MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.2.14-8.2.21 [11.3 MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.2.22-8.2.27 [11.3 MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.3.1-8.3.4 [10.9MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.3.5-8.3.11 [10.9MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.4.1-8.4.5 [14.8MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.4.6-8.4.10 [14.7MB]

PDF documentFigures 8.5.1-8.5.4 [17.5MB]

PDF documentAppendices 8.1-8.2 [1.2MB]

PDF documentAppendix Figures 8.2.1-8.2.8 [7MB]

PDF documentChapter 9 - Cultural Heritage [785KB]

PDF documentFigures 9.1-9.10 [9.6MB]

PDF documentFigures 9.11-9.21 [8.2MB]

PDF documentAppendix 9.1 [89KB]

PDF documentChapter 10 - Telecomms, Aviation, Defence [714KB]

PDF documentAppendices 10.1-10.2 [3.5MB]

PDF documentChapter 11 - Noise [866KB]

PDF documentFigures 11.1-11.2 [3.5MB]

PDF documentAppendices 11.1-11.2 [9.8MB]

PDF documentAppendix 11.3a [22MB]

PDF documentAppendix 11.3b [16.6MB]

PDF documentAppendix 11.3c [19.6MB]

PDF documentAppendix 11.3d [11.4MB]

PDF documentAppendix 11.3e [15.2MB]

PDF documentAppendix 11.3f [11.5MB]

PDF documentAppendices 11.4-11.7 [2.2MB]

PDF documentChapter 12 - Shadow Flicker [508KB]

PDF documentFigures 12.1-12.3 [2.3MB]

PDF documentAppendix 12.1 [248KB]

PDF documentChapter 13 - Traffic [737KB]

PDF documentChapter 14 - Land Use, Recreation, Access [745KB]

PDF documentFigure 14.1 [1.3MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Non Technical Summary [2.5MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Text Contents [906KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures Contents [1.5MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendices Contents [338KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 1: Introduction [523KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendix 1.1 [11.6MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 2: Project Description [921KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 2.1-2.14 [5.1MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 3: Need for the Development

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 4: Planning the Development

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 5: Ecology [556KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 5.2-5.4 [2.6MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendix 5.1-5.2 [2.5MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 6: Ornithology [563KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 6.2-6.4 [2.7MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 7: Water Environment & Soils

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 7.1-7.6 [14.6MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendices 7.1-7.3 [4.6MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 8: Landscape and Visual [1.2MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.1-8.1.4 [17.4MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.5a-8.1.5b [26.5MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.5c-8.1.5d [26.1MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.6-8.1.7a [16.3MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.7b-8.1.7c [27.1MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.7d-8.1.8 [15MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.9a-8.9.1b [26.4MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.9c-8.1.9d [25MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.1.10-8.1.13 [14.8MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.2.1a-8.2.4c [17MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.2.5a-8.2.8c [19.3MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.2.9a-8.2.13c [16.7MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.2.14a-9.2.19c [19MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.2.20a-8.2.23c [19.1MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.2.24a-8.2.27c [15.4MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.3.2-8.3.11 [25.2MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.4.1a-8.4.4d [17.9MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.4.5a-8.4.6d [18.5MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.4.7a-8.4.8d [11.9MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.4.9a-8.4.10d [23.2MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 8.5.2b-8.5.2c [1.7MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendices 8.1-8.2 [2.3MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendix 8.1 Figures 1a-13b [19.9MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendix 8.1 Figures 14a-Resi Tables

PDF documentAddendum - Appendix 8.2 Figure 1a-4c [13.5MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendix 8.2 Figure 5a-7c [14.3MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 9: Cultural Heritage [607kB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 9.1a-9.4 [25.1MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 9.5a-9.12b [11.7MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 9.13a-9.21b [11.4MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 10:Telecomms, Aviation, Defence

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 11: Noise [772KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 11.1a-11.2a [19.7MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendices 11.1-11.7 [11.2MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 12: Shadow Flicker [385KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 12.1-12.3 [13.5MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Appendix 12.1 [624KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 13:Traffic and Transport[655KB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 14:Land Use, Recreation, Access

PDF documentAddendum - Figures 14.1 [7.9MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 15: Tourism [1.2MB]

PDF documentAddendum - Chapter 16: Socio-economic [789KB]

PDF documentNewsletter May 2015

PDF documentUpdated Planning Statement May 2015

PDF documentFEI#1 - Noise Response - Report

PDF documentFEI#1 - Addendum Appendix 11.3 (Version 2)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Addendum Appendix 11.4 (Version 2)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Addendum Appendix 11.5 (Version 2)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Time History Charts + Exclusions: Halkburn

PDF documentFEI#1 - Time History Charts + Exclusions: Earlston

PDF documentFEI#1 - Time History Charts + Exclusions: Torsonce

PDF documentFEI#1 - Time History Charts + Exclusions:Allanshaw

PDF documentFEI#1 - Time History Charts + Exclusions: Bow Fm

PDF documentFEI#1 - Time History Charts + Exclusions: Wooplaw

PDF documentFEI#1 - Wind Data and Exclusions (Halkburn)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Wind Data and Exclusions (Earlston Rd)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Wind Data and Exclusions (Torsonce)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Wind Data and Exclusions (Allanshaws)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Wind Data and Exclusions (Bow Fm)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Wind Data and Exclusions (Wooplaw)

PDF documentFEI#1 - Halkburn - Raw Data [63MB]

PDF documentFEI#1 - Earlston Rd - Raw Data [2MB]

PDF documentFEI#1 - Torsonce - Raw Data [5MB]

PDF documentFEI#1 - Allanshaws - Raw Data [93MB]

PDF documentFEI#1 - Bow Farm - Raw Data [61MB]

PDF documentFEI#2 - Main Text

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 1 - Noise Response

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 2 - Draft Unilateral Undertaking

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 3 - Additional Landscape Information

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 3 - Figure Ab - Cc [85MB]

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 3 - Figure Db - Fc [61MB]

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 3 - Figure Gb - Ib [46MB]

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 3 - Figure Jb - Lc [96MB]

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 4 - Revised Habitat Management Plan

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 1 - Raw Data - Earlston Road charts

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 1 - Raw Data - Data and Exclusions

PDF documentFEI#2 - Annex 1 - Raw Data - SCADA data

PDF documentDisclaimer - Longpark Extension ES website

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